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Welcome to our help page. Here you will find the latest updates on shipping and customer service and our upcoming kit and release schedule. 

Subscription Schedule

We ship kits all around the world, and design without any reference to a particular month; so our kits can always be used in full regardless of when they are received. We also have a back catalog of available past kits, planner goodies, and digital printables items which can be purchased while waiting for your subscription to start shipping

When you subscribe, you are billed in advance for a kit that is shipped approximately 4 weeks after the subscription window for that kit closes.

#Kit NamePreview StartSubscription WindowShipping Begins
78CH01: Loving Me25 Nov28 Nov - 27 DecShipped
79CH02: Forever Friends8 Jan28 Dec - 27 JanShipped
80CH03: Petal Palette8 Feb28 Jan - 27 FebShipped
81CH04: Butterfly Blooms8 Mar28 Feb - 27 MarShipped
82CH05: Showers and Flowers8 Apr28 Mar - 27 AprShipped
83CH06: Lakeside Reflections8 May28 Apr - 27 May20 June
84CH07: Hot Summer Nights3 Jun28 May - 27 Jun20 July
85CH08:24 Jun28 Jun - 27 July20 Aug
86CH09:22 Jul28 July - 27 Aug20 Sep
87CH10:26 Aug28 Aug - 27 Sep20 Oct
88CH11:23 Sep28 Sep - 27 Oct20 Nov
89CH12:28 Oct28 Oct - 27 Nov20 Dec

*CH03 Petal Palette Paper Lover packs have encountered a slight delay. These are due to start shipping on the 29th March.

Release Schedule

Preordering is an exciting way to be among the first to get your hands on our new designs. However, the nature of creating something new means that sometimes, unexpected delays can occur. While we always strive to factor in potential hiccups when estimating shipping dates, the timeframe from production to shipping can be fluid. Rest assured, we do our utmost to meet the timelines we promise. 

ReleaseCurrent Estimated Shipping Date
Chapters Q2Available Now
Chapters: Reflections NotebookShipping Soon
Chapters: Q3Releasing soon
Release NamePreorders OpenCurrent Shipping ETA**
Heartfelt HolidaysNow availableShipping now

Sometimes email systems don't send out the required shipping updates so we've created this page so you can check back in if there are any delays

09 Jun 2024

CH03: Petal Palette Replacement Journal Cards

This post is available to those who purchased CH03: Petal Palette. If you have purchased but cannot view please contact customer service.

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