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Carlyann P


The quality, functionality and everything about these melodies are amazing, Sami has well and truly nailed the functionality of this planner it's uses and fits so many planners i've never seen anything like this on the market and it's very unqiue with the beautiful artwork

Gloria M

Sakura Classic Melody

This Melody is absolutely beautiful! I use HP Classic, and it fits my planner perfectly. It is very soft and has a ton of functional pockets. I really love that is so versatile, Iam still searching for the planner peace and this Melody will be able to accommodate whatever new planner I choose. This Melody is quality and will last for a long time. You will not regret adding this Melody to your planner family :)

Cynthia P

Buttery soft

OMG! This melody feels like butter in your hands. Flexible yet durable. The colors are so perfect for Christmas. I look forward to switching my Melodie’s with the season. I highlyrecommend this classic melody.

Tracey F

All For Fall Melody

Beautiful quality Melody. Fits HP mini perfectly and has so many pockets for storage and decorating. Perfect for using all year round

Coastal Escape Release

Check your sizing

Unsure if our A5 Melody is the right fit? Totally undetstandable. There's so many different planner sizes out there, so we've picked a few popular options based on questions from our Facebook Group

If you're thinking it looks a little lopsided, then you're right! That's because the left size shows when the planner is open and flat, the right side shows when you're closed the planner how close to the edge it will sit. We're adding more sizes over the next week.

Oh and for the size guide below,  we've used 7mm dividers and 30mm rings.

Height230mm / 9 in
Width400mm / 15.75 in
Ring MechA5 and Personal

My planner size is...

A5 - Perfect Fit

The A5 Melody is designed to perfectly house A5 sized inserts. Whether you use our rings, coils, or disc, you're in the sweet spot.

A journey across time



Out off the darkness came a light

It's no secret that the last few years have been much harder than expected globally. Personally, 2023 has bought in two life-changing events for us. And normally, at this point, had I still lived where I grew up I would have wandered down to the beach to clear my head and refocus. To breath in the salty air and listen to the waves crashing. To literally find the calm within the swell. I'm sure I'm not the only one who visits the beach when needing some time out.

What if we literally turned this into a theme, one with a strong mental health undercurrent...



Designing or our kit

What started as a single design really took on a life of it's own. Bringing in as many sights and tangible reminders of the beach into this kit was a must. We also wanted to make it simple enough for those who didn't want to use it for mental health reasons, or who wanted to celebrate a trip to the beach. So we included lots of beautiful watercolor paintings of the beach and pulled them together in thoughtful designs perfect for planning, memory keeping, crafting and so much more.

The subscription period of Coastal Escape has now closed. Once we make sure all out subscribers have their copy we will put any remaining stock over on the Coastal Escape theme page.


Sizing and theme vote

Our community let us know

It's no secret that we love our community, so when deciding on this release we wanted your input.

We checked in with our Facebook Group and asked if they wanted another B6 Melody planner, or a brand new AA5 planner that we had been tinkering with. We were super excited to see the A5 win bbecause we got to put our construction hats back on and really knuckle down some new concepts for this exciiting (and calm) design.

We also asked our community to pick their theme, and it was a close one with Coastal Escape winning by one vote!



We're going to keep updating this timeline as we progress through the pre-order period. So check back again soon.

Common Questions