Sunflowers and Sunshine 2 planner sticker book

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🌻 Sunflowers & Sunshine Sticker Book πŸ“˜

Illuminate every corner of your planner with the gleaming Sunflowers & Sunshine Sticker Book. Bursting with radiant sunflower designs and sun-soaked hues, this sticker book is your golden ticket to turning any ordinary planner spread into a sunlit masterpiece. With 12 pages brimming with both decorative and functional stickers, it's your go-to for infusing each day with the bright spirit of a sunflower field.

Inside the Sticker Book, you will find:

🎨 Deco and Functional Stickers: Dive into a plethora of sunflowers, meadows flowers, and our iconic planner girl basking in golden rays. Designed meticulously to integrate seamlessly into your weekly spreads, giving them a cheerful uplift.

πŸ—“οΈ Weekly Spreads: Transform your week into a sun-dappled spectacle with pre-designed headers, boxes, and trackers tailored for weekly layouts. With ample spaces for annotations, appointments, and daily reflections, they perfectly blend aesthetics with utility.

🌈 Clear Sticker Sheets: Enrich your planner layouts with these translucent sunflower-themed stickers. They overlay harmoniously atop other designs, allowing the beauty beneath to shine through, adding depth and dynamism to your pages.

🏷️ Day Headers: Organize and illuminate each day with these luminous day stickers, acting as radiant beacons for crucial dates and daily routines.

The Sunflowers & Sunshine Sticker Book is like holding a bouquet of freshly picked sunflowers, each sticker a promise of joy, brightness, and positivity. Whether paired with our Sunflowers & Sunshine Planner Kit or used to sprinkle some sunny charm onto any planner, this sticker book is bound to be your ray of sunshine on even the cloudiest days. Grab yours and let the sunshine in! πŸŒ»πŸŒžπŸ“–

All images and mocks are indicative only; there may be slight variations to colour and design size.

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