Coastal Escape Pocket Ruler and Washi Card Set

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Bring the beach vibes to your planner organisation with this fantastic set, featuring a pair of adhesive planner pockets, a versatile stencil and ruler combo, and convenient washi cards.

The adhesive planner pockets are made from durable plastic and are perfect for adding extra storage or embellishments to your planner or journal. Keep your stickers, notes, or other small items safe and secure in these beautifully designed pockets.

Next up is the handy stencil and ruler combination, perfect for creating extra boxes or trackers in your planner. The unique stencil design also offers various other shapes and patterns, making it a versatile tool to enhance your planning experience.

Finally, the washi cards included in the set are designed for on-the-go washi storage. Easily take your favourite washi tapes with you by wrapping them around these cards, ensuring you always have your essentials at hand when inspiration strikes.

Upgrade your planning game with the Coastal Escape Pocket Ruler and Washi Card Set and embrace the relaxing, calming vibes of the seaside in your daily organisation!

- Ruler (stencil, centering ruler, bookmark)
- Large Pocket
- Small Pocket
- washi card 

The limited edition Coastal Escape Washi Stand will be available for pre-order on Friday, 18th April 2023 at 11:00am AEST.

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