PAHQ Update: 25 Jan '21

Thank you so much to everyone who joined today, it was a long one but it included SO MANY SNEAK PEEKS of all the goodies which are coming up.


Today we previewed the full kit in our live. As you all saw, it's FIERCE! We've also uploaded this as a separate video for those who just want to see the full kit.

  • Kit Previews
    Today we previewed the majority of this kit in our live. We are still waiting on the bonus item and the washi to arrive. So once that's done we will film a full reveal video and upload that to our YouTube channel.

  • Subscriber Exclusives
    We've already started putting together the subscriber exclusive downloads for this kit. We will be sharing them later this week.

Sakura Update

  • Subscriber Exclusives - Shop Here
    Everything for the subscriber exclusives have been uploaded except for the inserts which are having a bit of a revamp this month. Check out the video for a quick preview.

  • Melody Release
    We were hoping to launch our Sakura Melody release this on Friday but are still waiting for stock to arrive. The current date we are estimating is Friday 5th Feb. Although we did have one part of the release arrive and we snuck it into todays chat early in the video.

Michael Update

  • Shipping
    Michael has been busy shipping kits and everything from the sale - up to orders from (date)

  • Customer Service
    Given that we've had a huge month with the monthly kits, and the flash sale, our customer service queue is long. Michael is working his way through the requests but there is a backlog. As always, once he gets to you, he will make it right. Remember to check out our FAQ as many of the questions have answers in there.

  • UK Update
    We still haven't heard anything back so we are in uncharted territory here. We will give you more updates as we receive them.

Facebook Group Community Update

  • Card making challenge
    Roda, one of our amazing Stylists, is running a card competition in our group. Make sure to follow the card layout and upload your finished card on the posts.
  • Housekeeping
    Remember that the group isn't a place to talk about shipping or waiting for kits. We haven't had time to remove comments and posts over the last few weeks due to school holidays but we will be cracking down soon. We have chosen to leave up a select few about the UK shipping issues - these are the exception.

Stylists - Apply Here

We've extended our application date for people to join our Stylist team for the year. You've got one more week. Thank you so much to everyone who has applied. It looks like my auto reply hasn't been working but we've been receiving your entries and I've been checking out lots of instagram profiles and YouTube Channels. If you don't have anything from us yet, don't let that stop you. We are looking for planners and crafters who love sharing their creations, love sharing about us in groups and can showcase our products really well and spread the word. I did drop a hint today that I've loved looking at finished spreads, so get writing with all those glorious pens you have. 

Check out this page for details and to apply.


See you all next week

Sami & Michael

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