PAHQ Update: 8 Mar '21

Wow today was definitely a bit of a different style of live, a bit more informal and much more laid back. Felt like I was kicking back with friends and sharing wayyyy too much about what's coming up in the not too distant future.

Here's some of the main points which were covered.


Thanks for all the wonderful comments on this kit. It truly was so much fun to design, and I'm so glad you're excited for the random drop on the bonus item.

  • Kit Previews
    Today we previewed the full kit at the end of our live - it was unedited footage so the colour is a bit wonky but I will be editing this and posting it as it's own video tomorrow. 

  • Subscriber Exclusives
    They're almost finished and will be available this week! This will give you lots of time to get playing while you wait for your kits to arrive.

  • Beautiful You
    As mentioned our Beautiful You is now available on our website for all to download free! That's 35 different variations you can download to start enjoying Milk Bar right now. Tell everyone they can grab their freebie here.

  • Shipping
    Our pack team is getting everything ready for your boxes to be on their way around the world to you. If you haven't subscribed to this kit now is the time to do so.

Michaels release

The books are out and online in some stores. I was asked today if they will be restocked, and while we don't know exactly we would love to do more. So to make that happen go out and grab what you can now.

Also, because we live in Australia and can't physically get to a store please share on instagram and tag us @plannersanon. We will share it to our instastories and live vicariously! We shared a IGTV post with a filp through and recorded a video for YouTube today which will will upload for you all. We will upload this post when we have the link.

Thank you all for the support.

Under the Stars Release

It's still on the way and we should be receiving goodies for it this week. We will have more info for you soon.

Digital Weekly kits

Are currently in final rounds of testing. We had to completely reformat everything to be compatible for Cricut users, and with the help and feedback of our Stylist team and a few friends we think we've come up with a pretty great kit. If they past testing this week the first few kits will be available next week.

Michael Update

Michael wasn't available for today's live but customer service is on track, and parcels of goodies have been shipping out constantly. Keep in mind that next week customer service may be a bit slower with the kit shipping.


If you've applied to be a Stylist look out for an email over the next week or so as I'll be emailing everyone back. Thank you so much to everyone who applied, you definitely made my job of choosing difficult.

YouTube Lives

We are bumping these to once a fortnight (once every two weeks for those who haven't heard the term). We will be doing a quick Instalive on the weeks in-between. So see you next week on Instalive, we are hoping it will be around the same time as our current lives, but we will see how that goes next week.

As always, thanks for watching,


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