Wild Celebration Llama Emoji Flip Pin

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Can't wait to Go Wild! but not sure how you're going to go with the llama-crowd? Don't worry fellow spoonies and neurodiverse crew (and of course all our llama-loving and Planners Gone Wild friends), we got you.
Well, let people know by flipping the llama emoji center. Our unique double-sided flip pin features our cute llama with two different emotions and will sit perfectly on your conference lanyard, jacket or tee, and be the perfect non-verbal cue.
Flip to the pink heart-eyed llama side to let everyone know you're up for a chat
Flip to the blue side-eye/suss side to let everyone know you need some space
P.s. we will not be held responsible for people coming up to you when the blue llama is showing because your pin is totally cute! Just let them know when you got it

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