Sunflowers and Sunshine 2 Planner Kit

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🌻 Sunflowers and Sunshine Planner Kit 🌞

Bask in the golden embrace of our Sunflowers and Sunshine Planner Kit, a radiant infusion of joy and brightness to illuminate every page of your planner. Overflowing with resplendent sunflowers, this kit is the epitome of cheerfulness, tailored to make each planning session feel like a sun-kissed morning in a blooming field. Immensly popular, this is our best selling kit and is sure to sell out soon.

Each Kit Includes:

📜 Six US Letter-sized Sheets of Journaling Paper: Double-sided with 3 unparalleled designs, you'll receive two copies of each sunflower-themed delight. Opening your planner will feel like stepping into a sunlit meadow teeming with golden blooms.

🌻 Two Sheets of Deco and Functional Stickers: Adorned with our signature planner girl amidst vast sunflower fields, and the golden sun. These stickers bring a sunny zest to every planner spread.

🎀 Three Washi Tapes: In a mix of widths (wide, medium, and narrow), these washi tapes boast sunflower vistas and sunlit horizons, perfect for adding a vibrant border or spotlighting special planner notes.

🖊️ Matching Pen: This coordinated pen, infused with sunflower designs, ensures every jot and doodle radiates sunshine.

🌞 Adhesive Die Cuts: A curated set of sunflower-themed cutouts that effortlessly adhere to your planner pages, adding layers of sunny ambiance.

Two Sheets of Specialty Paper: An acetate and a vellum sheet, both teeming with sunflower designs, introduce a touch of opulence to your planner setup.

🌻 Full-sized Stamp Set: Etch your own sunflower narratives with this exquisite stamp set, celebrating the golden bloom.

🎁 Bonus Item: A pair of sunflower felt paperclips in every kit!

The Sunflowers and Sunshine Planner Kit is not just a planning tool; it's a sunlit escapade, a golden dream captured in every element. Designed to brighten your days and infuse cheerfulness into every task, this kit is a testament to the beauty and power of nature's sunniest flower. Secure yours before it's once again swept away by the winds of popularity! 🌻🌞📖

All images and mocks are indicative only; there may be slight variations to colour and design size.

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