Starlit Stories planner sticker book

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🌟 Starlit Stories Sticker Book πŸ“”

Dive into a universe of tales and constellations with our Starlit Stories Sticker Book, the quintessential accompaniment to your planner journey. Spanning 12 pages abundant with our dreamy illustrations of books, florals, and stars, this sticker book is curated to breathe a mystical allure into your planner spreads.

Within the Sticker Book, you shall discover:

🎨 Deco and Functional Stickers: Transcend the ordinary with whimsical scenes of celestial libraries, fluttering pages, radiant stars, and our entrancing planner girl. Tailored impeccably to align with your weekly layouts, these stickers are the embodiment of ethereal beauty.

πŸ—“οΈ Weekly Spreads: Planning has never felt more enchanting. Immerse in these pre-designed headers, boxes, and trackers ideal for weekly outlines. With designated spaces for reflections, rendezvous, and musings, they strike the perfect balance between aesthetics and utility.

🌌 Clear Sticker Sheets: Elevate your planner vistas with these clear stickers. Introducing a layer of elegance, they overlay seamlessly on other designs, retaining their visibility, thereby offering depth and dimension to your spreads.

🏷️ Day Headers: Navigate through your week with these luminescent day stickers. Designed for marking notable dates and mapping out your weekly choreography, they're a beacon amidst the vast expanse of your planner.

Much like the serenity of a moonlit night filled with whispered tales, our Starlit Stories Sticker Book introduces a spellbinding dimension to your planning ritual. Whether you're complementing your Starlit Stories Planner Kit or seeking an independent celestial touch, this sticker book is a portal to a universe where every planner page narrates a tale. Acquire yours today and commence a journey through the galaxies of planning and imagination! πŸŒŒπŸ“–πŸŒŸ

All images and mocks are indicative only; there may be slight variations to colour and design size.

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