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Cherry blossoms remind us of spring and all the promises that new beginnings bring with them.  The Planners Anonymous Sakura notebook, with its cover featuring beautifully hand drawn cherry blossoms, petals and paper cranes will inspire you with its beauty each and every time you pickup the book.

Sure, some might say this is a simple notebook, but we think it's fairly mighty.  Each book features 180 pages (90 sheets) of dot grid space for you to use as you see fit.  Whether you're going to use them to make plans, take notes, write a novel, keep lists or even just draw your dream home, the Planners Anonymous notebooks are a wonderfully stylish way to do it.

Key stats:

Pages: 180 (90 sheets)

Paper weight: 100 gsm, wood free paper

Size: 132 x 182mm (outer), 128 x 178mm (page size) (that's a 5" x 7" page to be clear)

Outer material: Vegan leather (of faux leather, same same, just different words)

Care instructions: Do not clean with any kind of chemical.  Acetate, nail polish remover or the like will destroy the print.  Simply clean with a soft, damp cloth.  Depending on what you choose to write inside, you may want to keep the notebook on you at all times.

Oh, one last thing.  Don't leave unattended - these notebooks are seriously desirable and we're pretty certain it will grow legs ;)

All images and mocks are indicative only; there may be slight variations to colour and design size.

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