Northern Lights Planner Sticker Book

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Delicate and soft, the Planners Anonymous Northern Lights Planner Sticker Book brings you an assortment of decorative and deco-functional stickers for your planning enjoyment.

These sticker books will have your friends gasping with awe as they look at your spread; and will make your planner so visually appealing that your productivity will go through the roof!  After all, when you can't help but look at your planner, all you'll want to do is keep checking off your to-do's and check marking your trackers!

Featuring a beautiful silver foil, four full weeks of functional stickers and loads of icons and deco elements, your planner will come to life with our Northern Lights planner sticker book.

Shipping from January 6th; these sticker books are a sure fire winner and great addition to any planner stash ;)

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