Coffee and Corgis additional paper pack

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Boost your crafting and planning with an extra shot of creativity using our "Coffee and Corgis" Additional Paper Pack. This pack offers an extended array of cozy coffee shop scenes and adorable corgi antics to complement your "Coffee and Corgis" Planner Kit.

The "Coffee and Corgis" Additional Paper Pack includes:

📄 Six Exclusive Papers: Delight in two copies each of three freshly brewed designs, different from those in the standard kit yet echoing the warm and fuzzy "Coffee and Corgis" theme. Each US letter-sized, double-sided sheet invites you to craft unique planner spreads, dashboards, or creative projects.

🌿 Specialty Papers: Two extra sheets—one vellum and one acetate—expand your creative palette. Use these specialty papers to add layers of sophistication and texture to your planner or journal.

🎨 Themed Designs: Each paper in this pack is steeped in the charming "Coffee and Corgis" aesthetic, featuring elements like corgi silhouettes, coffee cups, and lush indoor plants that make every planning session a treat.

The "Coffee and Corgis" Additional Paper Pack is a perfect refill for those who can't get enough of this adorable theme. Whether you're doubling up on your "Coffee and Corgis" Planner Kit or just craving extra elements to sweeten your setup, this paper pack is a must-have for all coffee-loving, corgi-adoring planners out there. Get yours and let your planning be as comforting as your favorite café! ☕📚🐕

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