Chapters: Q2 Quarterly Refresh - Sticker set

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Unleash the full potential of your planner with our "Chapters: A New Dawn" Sticker Set. This comprehensive collection of 21 sheets is meticulously designed to align with the first three kits of our "Chapters" series. From decorative accents to functional prompts and layout enhancements, these stickers will transform your planner pages into a cohesive masterpiece that mirrors the journey of our heroine, Alex.

- 21 diverse sticker sheets combining decoration and function
- Tailored to the unique aesthetics of each of the first 3 in our Chapters series
- Perfect for embellishing and streamlining your planning

Elevate every entry with stickers that celebrate the evolving "Chapters" narrative, and let your planner tell your story.

Designed to match the following Chapters kits:

  • CH04: Butterfly Blooms
  • CH05: Showers and Flowers
  • CH06: Lakeside Reflections

All images and mocks are indicative only; there may be slight variations to colour and design size.

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