Kit #81

Chapter 04: Butterfly Blooms

Subthemes: Butterflies, High Tea, Girls Weekend

In Chapter 4 - Butterfly Blooms, Alex's adventure takes a whimsical turn at a butterfly conservatory, run by Betty, a friend of Aimee.

Here, amidst flutters of vibrant wings, the essence of friendship and discovery blooms. The girls delight in the beauty of the conservatory, a serene haven that mirrors Alex's own journey of transformation.
They indulge in the pleasures of a high tea, reveling in the warmth of shared stories and laughter, an experience that deepens their bonds. A surprise guest will bring a smile.
The chapter unfolds further with a girls' trip, enhancing the joy of their shared experiences.
Chapter 4 weaves together the themes of beauty, change, and the surprises life holds, marking a poignant moment in Alex's path towards self-discovery. This chapter encapsulates the essence of connection, both with nature and the people who make our stories richer.

Distress Oxide Colours:

Dusty Concord, Milled Lavender, Stormy Sky, Kitch Flamingo

Copic Colours:

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