PAHQ Update: 4 Jan '21

We made it - welcome to 2021. We hope you all enjoyed a wonderful holiday season. We missed you all so much! We tried to make this live a bit quicker but there was a full preview of the Sakura kit which took a chunk of the live.


Today we previewed the full kit in our live. We've also uploaded this as a separate video for those who just want to see the full kit.

  • New Subscription type - Sticker Subscription
    Starting with Sakura you can now subscribe to just the stickers in our kit. Find out more about this here.
  • Kit Previews
    Today we previewed the full kit in our live. We've also uploaded this as a separate preview video to our YouTube. We are hoping to do this for every kit in the future so it's easier to see what's in each kit and for those doing some past kit shopping (subject to availability)
  • Additional Paper Pack + Sticker Kit
    The additional paper pack is selling out fast for this kit so if you are interested subscribe now!
  • Subscriber Exclusives
    We've already started putting together the subscriber exclusive downloads for this kit. We will be sharing them later this week.
  • Melody Release
    This kit will have a full release including two Melody (the standard Melody and a larger Melody which is HP/EC/A5 wide compatible). The date of release is still to be confirmed but we are hoping for late January.

Under the Stars

  • Shipping
    Michael trialled a new DHL service this month for shipping (only available to the USA). It's a bit more expensive than our normal shipping so it won't happen every month so merry Christmas ;) Given how well it's gone we are looking into seeing if we can add this as an option. 
    You'll also notice that this months kit arrived in a white box. This is correct, our shipment of boxes was delayed so due to Michael's quick thinking we were still able to get the boxes out, and early at that.
  • Subscriber Exclusives
    All the Subscriber Exclusive downloads for Under The Stars are now available on our website. Please check them out here.

Digital Kits and Printable Updates

  • We have some good news, our Note to Self Digital Creative kit is hitting our store TODAY! Here's the direct link to save you some time - shop here.
  • We are reviewing our Luxe inserts and making a few changes. Many pages will get an update or be replaced and we are adding a horizontal version (week on one page with a light grid on the opposite page). We are hoping these will be updated in time for Sakura but more than likely for Fierce. We are also looking at adding the A5Wide size.
  • Weekly and Monthly printable kits are still in development and will be a little while off - we want to make sure we get it right. We are trying to make these compatible with cricut software but we're not making any promises.

Weekly Kits

We have a bunch of weekly kits in the standard vertical format which will be hitting our store over the next few months. Keep an eye out in our group for our latest releases.


Behind the scenes we are making huge changes to the website. This isn't impacting current functionality but you may see a few new pages and menu options pop up here and there. Our current discounting app is still having issues (a big driver for the new website) but we are talking with developers about a replacement.

UK Shipping

Due to the holiday season it's been a bit difficult getting answers from the UK. We have been trying to get further information from them, and once we know we will keep you all in the loop. 

That's all for this week. Add next weeks live into your planner and add a reminder via YouTube

Thank you so much for joining in

Sami and the Planners Anonymous Team

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