Hidden Gems Vault

Ever wished you could snag that unique kit that slipped through your fingers? Now's your chance! As we organized our warehouse move, we unearthed a plethora of forgotten, rare, and even sold-out treasures that are now up for grabs!

To give everyone a fair shot we've taken the most loved and limited items and to accommodate different time zones, we're introducing a fun and exciting auction! 🎉 But don't worry there are plenty of non-auction items available too!

Click here to enter the Auction

How does bidding work?

The auction will be carried out in a fair manner, allowing the top 'x' bidders to each receive one of the available items, where 'x' is the number of items. If you have the 3 highest bids and there are 4 items, you will have won 3 items. Each listing has the amount that will be up for auction.

As these are the last of these items, they are sold as-is, and sales are final.