Subscriber Only Content

If you are having problems accessing the kit on Peony's Pocket we've written a few things which may help

* You can only access the months which you have subscribed to as long as you are an active subscriber.
* Each kit will stay up for approximately 3 months. If the kit is not showing then the items are no longer available.
* Once you have unsubscribed you will not be able to access anything in Peony’s Pocket. This includes kits which you have previously subscribed to. If you want to have the downloads make sure you grab them before unsubscribing.
* Due to the amount of planner and tn sizes we are unable to offer them all in Peony's Pocket but we do offer a select few of the most popular.
* We will endeavour to have the downloads available between the 10th and the 17th of the month, during peak times this may be slightly delayed.

If you do have issues with your access please check the following:

* Are you a current subscriber?
* Are you logged in with the account you subscribed with?
* Did you select a box that you subscribed to?

Please note that the system to grant access to Peony's Pocket is automated and doesn't always get things right first time. If all the above apply to you and you still don't have access please use the help widget (pink question mark bubble) at the bottom right of our website to contact us and we will correct your account.