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CH03: Prompts to embrace your journey

Hey Beautiful You!

It’s Sami, and I’m thrilled to welcome you to Chapter 3: Petal Palette.

This chapter is the perfect opportunity to embrace our imperfections that make us unique. As Alex discovers the joy of painting and the world of art, this chapter is all about finding beauty in the flaws and celebrating our creative spirit. 

Whether you're a seasoned artist or someone who's just beginning to explore your creative side, there's something magical about expressing yourself through colors, textures, patterns, and different artforms.

I often strive for perfection, to give 110%. But if I'm being honest, the more I push myself the further away I become. I struggle, I fail, I burn out. As it turns out, apparently I'm human. But I'm learning that it's the chaotic, messy, and the (hopefully loveable) moments which help me to find my people. The ones who support and love the hot mess show that is me, and help me along my own path to self love and self acceptance.

And just like in life, it’s the little quirks and unexpected turns that add character to our planners, our memory keepers, and creations. Just like every petal on a flower is different, our artistic journeys are meant to be uniquely ours.

I have a personal challenge for you all, I want you to post in our group the unexpected creations you have made with your Planners Anonymous goodies. That includes the ones that didn't turn out, that you stuck a sticker or paper over the top to cover the mess, or embraced it to make it more beautiful. Let's focus on the joy of creating and the stories our imperfections tell.

To help you along, I've crafted 31 journal prompts to further understand your own creative process, to spark your creativity, encourage you to observe the beauty around you, and reflect on how art influences your life. These prompts are your canvas—there are no rules, no boundaries, just pure expression.

Remember, art is not just about the final piece; it's about the journey, the emotions, and the stories we tell along the way. Beauty lies in the unexpected, and every stroke, word, or idea is part of your masterpiece. So let this be the month where you let your creativity run wild.

Before I go, I want to thank each and every person reading this for your support. I hope that Chapters is helping you along a similar journey, that helps you to feel self expression and self-love through planning, crafting, or what ever artform you choose to celebrate the beautiful chaos of creativity. 

With love and splashes of colour,


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