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CH01: Prompts to embrace your journey

Hey Beautiful You!

Sami here.

So, January was like the unofficial free trial month of 2024, right? We all had a go at those New Year resolutions—some stuck, some... well, let’s just say they wandered off. But hey, no stress!  With the Chapter 1 kits arriving worldwide, and the Creative Kit available, it's time to dive into something truly meaningful with Chapter 1 of our journey—Loving Me.

This isn’t about the grand gestures of self-improvement that January pressures us to do. It’s about those quiet moments of self-acceptance, those little victories of personal kindness, love, and honestly, just giving ourselves a break.

I've put together 31 journal prompts to help get you started in this chapter of self discovery. Yes, I know, February is already here, but who says you can't start a bit late? These aren't just any prompts; each one is a tiny step towards embracing the fabulous person you are, quirks and all

Think of these prompts as your cozy chat with a friend who’s just as keen on finding those sparks of joy and self-love as you are. This is our chance to start on our own journeys with a bit more kindness and a lot less pressure. You can pick and choose which ones to answer and leave the rest, or complete one daily. The choice is yours. Afterall, it is your journey.

So, whether you're jotting down thoughts in between sips of coffee or pondering life's mysteries in your PJs at midnight, these prompts are here to make you think, feel, and maybe even discover new things about yourself.

So, cheers to us and this journey of self-love, laugher, feels, and scribbles we're on. January was just a warm-up; February is where the fun really starts!

Happy journalling,


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