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Seamlessly Transitioning Your Subscription

Migration from Old to New

Transitioning to our new subscription options is designed to be smooth and effortless for our existing subscribers. We understand the value of your commitment and trust in us. As we migrate from the old kit to the new, rest assured that every step is taken to ensure a seamless experience for you. Your subscription's evolution into 'Chapters' is not just a change; it's an upgrade to a more tailored and enjoyable experience

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Current SubscriptionNew SubscriptionBundled
Standard kitPlanner Lover$78.50^$51^£41^
Kit + StickersPlanner Lover$78.50^$51^£41^
Kit + PapersPlanner Lover
Paper Lover
Kit + Stickers + PapersPlanner Lover
Paper Lover
Kit + Stickers (x2)Planner Lover
Sticker Lover
Kit + Stickers (x2) + PapersPlanner Lover
Sticker Lover
Paper Lover
Stickers OnlySticker Lover$43.50$28^£23^

USD and GBP are provided as a rough guide and are subjet to change with exchange rates.
^ includes standard shipping price on top of subscription price
Additional shipping charges may apply to some destinations

What Do You Need to Do?

1. Login to your account and confirm the kit you are currently subscribed to.

2. Find your subscription in the 'Current Subscription' column in the table above.

3. Check the column to the right ('New Subscription') and it will show you the subscription you will automatically be migrated to on the 27th November.

Note: We have already taken a snapshot of our subscriptions for our app developers to complete the automatic migration on the November 27, 2023. For any changes please contact customer service.

💖 I love my new plan...

If you're happy with what's is in the New Subscription column you don't need to do anything.

🖍️ I need to make changes...

If you need to make any changes to your kits until we make the changeover to the new kits on the 27th November please contact Jaime or Michael through our app or using the email and they will sort it out for you.

Whatever you do, DO NOT subscribe to any of the new 'Lover' kits in the system. These are currently there for testing purposes until rollover hence the scary pricing. If you do proceed to add this there is a high chance you will be charged that price, and we thank you for your donation to Sami's coffee fund 😉 ... 😘☕

🛟 I'm so confused and need help!

Don't worry we're here to help! Contact Jaime or Michael through our app or using the email and they will sort it out for you.

Thanks so much for you support, and we cannot wait to swap over to these new subscription kits.

Team Planners Anonymous