Tameka Brown

2021 Stylist Team Member

Planning, General Crafts
Planners Anonymous B6+, Happy Planner (Classic, Big, Notes)
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“All I need is my planner and a pastry”

 “Hello, my name is Tameka Brown. I am a self-proclaimed “Pastry Queen”. I live in San Antonio, TX, where I am a high school math teacher. When I am not working, I enjoy the simple things in life, such as taking walks, awesome music, and spending time with family and friends. I’m always down to enjoy a good pastry, tasty ice cream, and an intriguing true crime television show.

I enjoy using a planner because it helps to reign in my ‘organized chaos’. I am definitely a lister, so I enjoy planning out my tasks. I discovered Planners Anonymous a couple of years ago. I kept hesitating subscribing, but finally took the plunge with the Whale Song kit. It’s been an amazing journey ever since. I always think a kit is my fave, until another one comes! I can’t wait to create more with the lovely kits. I enjoy sharing my love for Planners Anonymous products (they just make your spreads so pretty). And now, I will be able to do so as part of this amazing Stylist Team. I am more than honored to work with a company I enjoy so much!” 

Stay Sweet!,


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