Marysol Franklin

2021 Stylist Team Member

Happy Planner (Mini, Classic, Big, Skinny)
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“Start each day with washi and stickers, & let your dreams takeover”

Hi, I’m Marysol Franklin better known as “My little planning corner”. I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, Lacey, WA with my husband and little family. I am a mother of a beautiful baby girl, 2 young girls, 1 teenager and 2 dogs. Organization and schedules are a must in our home, but keeping it fun and beautiful keeps me motivated to seize the day.

I am also a social worker in the healthcare sector. I work with acute mental health patients who are an inspiration of resiliency. Having my own mental health struggles with postpartum PTSD, OCD and anxiety has been vital to understand that caring for others can become difficult at times. Planning, creating beautiful spreads and journaling are my self care. I look at a sticker or washi tape and the possibilities are endless. My hope is to also be an inspiration to you. I’m so excited to be part of Planner Anonymous Stylist team this year and I hope you join me in this new journey.


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