Jennifer Field

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Planning, Bullet Journalling
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“Planning is good for the soul”

Hi there, I’m Jennifer Field -- otherwise known as plannerfield. I work as a graphic designer and live outside of Washington D.C. in a small town in rural Maryland with my partner.

For me, planning and journaling is an integral part of my self-care -- it’s the best part of my day! Not only does it keep me organized, but it spurs me on to be more productive. Sometimes when I’m dreading a certain chore or task, I think to myself -- “But I have a perfect sticker for that!” or “If I get it done, I can mark it off in my planner!”

Yes, I do believe planning is good for the soul. When I flip through my pages, I not only remember all the things I’ve accomplished, but I can recognize the emotions I was feeling at the time. Taking the time to make something beautiful each day reminds me to slow down and to appreciate the little things in life.

My goal is to give you ideas on how to use your planner or journal in way you may not have thought of, and to inspire you to create something that is gorgeous and that makes you feel good about yourself.

Use ALL the stickers!


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