Carlyann Price

2021 Stylist Team Member

Planning, Memory Keeping, Junk Journal
Passion Planner, Bujo, A5 wide, EC vertical
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“Planning and Creating a Colourful World.”

Hey! I’m Carlyann, aka “Strudelsdoodles”. I’m a 30 something creative designer, writer, illustrator, sticker addict, planner addict, crafter, kitty cat mom and Starbucks nut I living in the beautiful picturesque place that is Shropshire, England in the UK. In-between everything that is life I confess I have major issues with pretty paper, stickers, pens and well, everything that is crafty. I’ve been crafting and illustrating in various forms for around 20 years now and I’ve loved every moment of it!

I found my passion of planners around 7 years ago, the rest is history! I love to play with colour, create, design and use my creativity to help inspire others, a lot of my inspiration comes from the daily trials that is life and this my creative outlet that really lets me expresses my daily thoughts and feelings helps me to overcome things in life and what’s more I get to inspire others. I’ve collaborated with many, many companies through my creative history and I am absolutely thrilled and humbled to be apart of this years Planners Anonymous Stylist Team. I absolutely cannot wait to share my creativeness with you all and get to know all the wonderful PA Addicts out there!

Let’s get creative!

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