Ash Newton-Spence

2021 Stylist Team Member

Planning, Card Making, General Crafts
Planners Anonymous B6+, Kikki-K A5
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“Paper cutters guilt is real, but so is the joy from creating.”

Hello. I’m Ash Newton-Spence, also known as Plum Mashable, and I’m so thrilled to have been selected to be on the 2021 Planners Anonymous Stylist Team. I live in beautiful Melbourne, Australia with my husband, brand new baby girl and our fabulous fur baby.

I’m a busy person at the best of times, but now adding in a new baby with lots of appointments to keep, it seems more important than ever to keep my days and weeks planned. That said, just writing things in isn’t enough for me. I need them to be beautiful for me to want to use it. Using kits like Planners Anonymous gives me a chance to make my weeks beautiful and stretch my creative wings at the same time.

I love to push my creative boundaries and try new things, whether that’s using a patterned paper as a flipper or an envelope or finding a new and fun way to use an amazing washi tape. I find that experimenting keeps me excited about creating, and If I make a mistake or I don’t like the way a week has turned out, I love that I can always turn the page and start again.

So, get in there, get creative, get crazy and see what you can make!

Sending lots of huggles,

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