Thank you everyone for your patience while I worked this out. As suspected it wasn't a smooth ride BUT I am so excited to share with you our new website!! I really wanted to focus on the most important people who make PA possible - YOU! So we've added:

  • A new customer account portal
  • Subscription passport (my pride and joy - see account page)
  • Wishlist app
  • Reviews app
  • Wayy better filtering with multi filters including: product format, type, colours, theme, year, size, and price. These are all currently being updated are are a little patchy we we've had to update every product and collection (see Shop All)
  • The help page has been integrated into the Updates section of the customer portal
  • Before and After Sliders (re Go Wild page)
  • Quick add to cart and slide our cart
  • Removal of the block which meant you can't order physical/printables/subscriptions together
  • A countdown timer on the subscription collection for when subscriptions close for a kit
  • An easy opt in/out of email marketing (still testing this) Recently viewed products
  • Our new Journal (aka our blog), it isn't much right now but there's going to be bundles added once I get this update done.

I mentioned that this new site is still a work in progress so there's a few lumps and bumps but I've passed on information to the app developers and we're hoping to see a resolution to all these issues over the next few days.

Here's what we know:

  • The discount app needs to be reinstalled by the app devs (so discounting isn't currently working). They were really good at doing this quickly last time so it shouldn't take long
  • The help app needs to be reinstalled, but you can still access it through the customer portal, and the help link at the bottom of the page. Both have a link at the bottom of that page (under the faq) to contact us.
  • The rewards and referral app didn't go live, but we're on it and migrating across your points. *UPDATE* This is currently half-installed, so it does not work as expected. We have a call with the app developer to complete the setup this week.
  • The subscription management module looks a little funky, it's still usable but doesn't look great. And on a few pages it hasn't displayed correctly (like the subscription on the homepage). Our case has already been escalated to their support team.
  • We've lost our currency converter as that was built into our theme. We are hoping that the next big update (which is currently in testing and won't be far away) will fix this issue.
  • A few pages have gone walkabout so I'll be locating and reactivating those this week
💖 Sami

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