I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas break and is looking forward to a great and relaxing New Years period.

Just a few brief updates on the outstanding kits & shipments:

Girls Trip

The Girls Trip kit was received at our warehouse on Christmas Eve - but put on a back dock since nobody was there to check them in. They (the warehouse) had a few days off over the break (25th-27th inclusive), and the stock was all checked in on 28th. It’s currently being packed and I expect most kits to be dispatched this week.

Spoil Yourself Serenity

Like the Girls Trip kits, our Serenity / minis / special release books were all received Christmas Eve; so they too are in the process of being packed for dispatch.

In the interests of avoiding sending 2 parcels where we can send 1; I’ve combined many of these orders together (where you had a Serenity order and a Girls Trip order). If this is you and you see a notification that your Girls Trip kit is underway but the Serenity order isn’t, please be assured that both will be in the same parcel :) 

I will update tracking numbers on the site for those orders, so you’re fully aware of what orders and what tracking numbers you should be looking out for.

Into the Wild

It looks like we’re only a day or three late on these - We had expected to receive stock 3 Jan; but it seems that it will leave our manufacturer on the 3rd. It usually takes 3-4 days to get to us, and we’ll dispatch from there. I expect to know more about this timeline next week.

Pretty Posy

Because of Chinese New Year’s timing and the associated holiday, the Pretty Posy 2.0 kit is AHEAD of our planned schedule! Yay!

Wild Celebration

Our manufacturing partners are running as quickly as they can to ensure that we receive all of the finished items around the 15th of January - before the Chinese New Year holidays and with enough time to get all your Go Wild! Goodies to you with plenty of time to plan.


We’ve made a few changes to the subscription system this past month, and are making more changes progressively to the site. Hopefully you will notice that it’s a little easier and more intuitive to shop and explore (particularly on mobile). There will be some changes coming very soon to our points program. 


Michael & Sami

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