Happy Thursday! 

I’ve got a very quick update for you all on Girls Trip / Spoil Yourself September. 

We had previously mentioned that everything was on its way to our warehouse for dispatch to you this week. Unfortunately, it seems that pandemic wise, China are a few years behind where the rest of the world, and now that the zero-covid policies have been lifted there have been a few unexpected hiccups and shutdowns. Shipping between the factory we use and our warehouse has been affected - due to the current virus outbreaks there causing lots of absenteeism.

For your reference, I’ve copied the explanation I’ve received.

Hello Michael
Thanks for your reply
Because China has opened all cities, many people have fever symptoms, and there is no courier to handle the package,
If the express is successful, we will send it to Hong Kong this week.

They have told me they expect delivery to occur Friday this week or Tuesday of next week (there are holidays Saturday - Monday); and from there we’ll dispatch.

I’m sorry for the delay - it seems this kit is cursed!

The good news continues to be that the Into the Wild kit is tracking on-time; as is Pretty Posy 2!



Michael & Sami

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