Shipping update Friday 13 Jan 2023

Yes, I just wanted to include that it was Friday 13th. Spooky ;) 

Quick update for everyone today.

Into the Wild

Is shipping from our new warehouse today! Exciting!

The new facility that we’ll be progressively moving into seems so far to be much more responsive. They are larger in size, but the advantage of that means we have daily pickups from them.

You’ll see new tracking numbers, but they should reach you via the normal e-mail notification, and the tracking links supplied will be different to previously. 

Those tracking numbers will work with your local postal service (USPS, AusPost, Royal Mail & so on), who will also complete final mile delivery. 

So far, the service has been excellent and I’m hoping to see similar results for future kits! Hooray.

Girls Trip / Spoil yourself September

Many thanks for bearing with us on these. Our old warehouse has dropped the ball here and been very slow in giving me updates. From what I can see, there are a few hundred orders that are “pending”; which means that they haven’t been picked up yet. 

I’m following this up daily, and share your frustration. 

Wild Celebration / Go Wild orders

Our suppliers are working very hard to have these orders ship before the Chinese New Year warehouse closures. Our stock is due to us Wednesday next week (at the new warehouse), and will ship from there on Thursday & Friday. 

Some orders (where some of the items are held in the HK warehouse) will ship in 2 parcels - one with the rings, black pouch and a few other in-stock items from Hong Kong, and another from the new warehouse facility in Dongguan with the Wild Celebration items (washi, flip pin, embroidery clips, stickers and the Melody).

Warehouse move

When we made the move almost 16 months ago, both Sami and I were certain we never wanted to do that whole exercise again. Well, here we are. 

Unfortunately, our warehouse has been performing poorly for some time and we have finally got to a position to be able to move. The hold up has simply been the cost of moving - it’s not a cheap exercise when you can’t rely on family and friends to count and label everything for you in return for a few pizza’s, not to mention the freight from one place to another - it’s quite a lot of stock!

The new warehouse is located in mainland China, but we have an excellent account manager who is a planner and stationery lover her self, which has been a big win - she’s helping to make sure everything is just right for us. Shipping times for most orders should be around 13 business days; depending on your location. The big advantage is that we’ll have daily dispatch. Hooray! 

We’ll complete the move shortly after the CNY holidays are complete, and anticipate around 10 days of downtime in terms of orders shipping out. Any new items (Into the Wild, Pretty Posy 2, Wild Celebration) are already heading to the new facility, so if you need a planner fix, those will dispatch immediately.

In the meantime, if there’s an item you want from the range, I wouldn’t delay in ordering it.

Thanks as always for your patience, love and support.

Michael & Sami

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