Thank you so much for your patience with us. As many of you know, we've gone through a really difficult time with our (now) old warehouse, and I'll write more below for those interested in reading. I generally have my head in a design cave to catch up and I just get the cliff notes on the shipping but here's what I currently understand of the situation:
  1. Any orders which only had the Go Wild Release items in it should be well on their way.
  2. If you ordered early and had the megabundle you probably will have received just the black envelope and rings separately. This means Michael had split your order into the old and the new warehouse to try and get everything to you prior to Go Wild.
  3. We made the decision to update the go Wild collection and the megabundle to only include items from the new warehouse. This would ensure faster shipping as we don't have to wait on the old warehouse.
  4. There are a very small amount of orders which had Girls Trip. As Girls Trip was at the old warehouse we have been waiting for these to transition over, which should have been at the latest last week, but they have been less than forthcoming. Michael has assured me he is following up with these cases individually.
  5. If your order was sent by NextSmartShip, that's through the new warehouse. They are amazingly helpful and if you follow the link in your email they have a messaging app where you can get more information on your shipment than what we can see. There was an issue with some of the early tracking numbers when we were swapping over to the new warehouse and their systems, but if you contact them on their tracking website and let them know your details they should be able to find the new tracking details for you and give you more information.
The old warehouse just before CNY told us the prices were going up for shipping by a ridiculous amount, to the point where it's unsustainable for our business. On top of this, they have been telling us for months that shipments have been sent and it turns out some had been constantly rejected. Additionally, they have tried to charge us in some instances up to $100USD per package just to ship as per normal.
Over the last 2 months, we (mainly Michael who also handles our customer service) had a huge task of finding a new warehouse and getting all new stock (including the Wild Celebration release items) sent directly to the new warehouse. This also meant that packaging was sub-optimal as we had to go with whatever the new warehouse had on hand so we could get them out the door as soon as possible. During this time Michael has been in constant contact with both warehouses and while the new warehouse is giving us hope for the future as they are amazing, the old warehouse are now moving at a snail's pace, even with our constant requests and appeals to them as it's severely damaging our business.
That being said, the new warehouse is beyond amazing, and are doing their best to help us through the transition.
The sale that we currently have on is so that we can afford to move the stock from the old warehouse to the new warehouse as we are being charged an exorbitant amount. Quite frankly if we didn't run this sale, we would have to close PA. The website has been updated to include the stock which we have access to, and we've had to remove a bunch of our products until we can afford to access them. This has taken an incredible amount of time and resources just to keep our day-to-day going during all this. We did have an additional customer service person (Olivia) but due to the complex nature of the move Michael has had to take on the moving logistics and all the customer service. I have asked him to provide an update but he is hesitant with how we've constantly been lied to from our old warehouse, as that's something we do not wish on our customers.
We cannot thank everyone enough for their patience during this time and are so deeply sorry for all the delays. We can assure you that once the old warehouse is gone these will be a thing of the past. The new warehouse is a shining beacon of hope in what has been a dumpster fire of a year with the old warehouse.
I hope everyone's orders arrive shortly, and Michael is doing his best to get back to everyone as soon as he can.

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