Update 6 Jan 2022

Happy New Year!

Just some general shipping updates:

Girls Trip/ Spoil Yourself September

Those orders have all shipped. If you don’t have a tracking number for one or the other, it’s because I’d combined orders, but haven’t yet linked the tracking number for your orders. I have a list and am progressively working through it. The warehouse was later in dispatching these than we had hoped - it seems stock from both deliveries were lost (in the warehouse) for about a week, hence the delay on what we’d thought.

Into the Wild

These kits will ship next week, look for your tracking numbers soon!

Wild Celebration

We’re still on track with this and look to have everything received at our warehouse around 15 Jan, so we can dispatch prior to Chinese New Year 🙂


As previously communicated, we are making some changes to the website progressively. There are a number of changes, but the biggest changes will happen on Sunday our time - there is a planned website outage, so if you can’t view the site for a few hours on Sunday, this is why.

Boxing Day orders

Most should have dispatched already, but I am aware of a few kinks that we’re working through. 

General shipping & logistics announcement

We, like you, are very frustrated with the performance of our shipping, and feel that our warehouse isn’t what it was sold to us as. Over the Christmas / New Years break, our warehouse sent price rise letters to us, and if we were to accept, we would have to pass on what we feel are ridiculous increases. For visibility, pricing for the majority of our shipments (to the US & Australia) all went up by around USD$8 per parcel (and we are already 1 price rise behind where we should be). Yikes! 

So, we’re making a change and will be moving our warehouse to a new facility that is larger, and we hope more reliable. There will be a “changeover” period, but Into the Wild, and then Pretty Posy 2 will be dispatched from the new warehouse. Other shipments upto around the start of Chinese New Year will head out from Hong Kong, and after that it will change to our new facility.

We will still need to pass on price rises, but they’re going to be much more reasonable thanks to transitioning to this new facility.

Thanks as always

Michael & Sami

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