Weekly Update:
7 October 2019

Happy Monday everyone! It's a public holiday here in Australia so one more day of the family in the background until they go back to school tomorrow. I want to thank everyone who persisted with the technical issues that we had this morning with going live. An extra big thank you to Ashley and Ryan (Plum Mashable), Michael and Hollie for keeping you all updated on Instagram, the Youtube chat and our Facebook group while I tried to get it all working. So in my video, I'm a little more frazzled this week as I spent about half an hour trying to work out where the issue was.

Anywho, here are the updates for the week


 Thank you for joining us on YouTube

Thank you so much to everyone who joined me for my first YouTube live last week. It went pretty well given it was our first time and we look forward you all joining us each week. We received a lot of fantastic feedback on the new format. Our Lives! are super important to us as it helps give you all an easy way to keep up to date with what is happening here and it gives us a way to share the excitement we feel around new release time. I love that I can chat with you all directly and quickly and quite often the chats I have with you all in yet here contribute to new products or updating our current range so we thank you so incredibly much.

Forest Falls Update


 We only have a few days left to subscribe to this amazing kit as subscriptions will close off on the 10th of October. Trust us when we say you will kick yourself if you miss out on this kit, and we are going to show you some of the reasons why in today's live.

  • Preview
    Hopefully, you’ve all seen our mystery item for this kit. It’s two of the cutest ever felt clips as always they are perfectly matched to the colours in the kit they are work with pretty much any planner.
  • Subscriber Exclusives
    Subscriber exclusives are now available on our website. We wanted to make sure these were available ASAP for you all to enjoy the Forest Falls kit for as long as possible.
  • Luxe Inserts
    We updated our luxe inserts for this theme and introduced a new insert, our themed dot grid, which is perfect for those wanting a little bit more flexibility with their inserts. While this insert may not look like a lot it really encourages you to get creative and is perfect for planning, memory keeping, scrapbooking, a general notebook or anything that you can imagine. That takes us to a total of 44 themed inserts which are available monthly!!!!
    To celebrate that and help our subscribers to see what all the hype is about this month we are giving all our subscribers a code for one free luxe insert download. This needs to be downloaded before the end of October, for more details on terms and conditions please see the images in the product listings linked above. Discount code: PAFFINSERTLOVE

Something new

We have a few extra surprises this month. We keep mentioning how excited we are for this release and it's not just that there's a Travelers Notebook in the works (but we will discuss that next weeks live). We are releasing some additional products in the Forest Falls range! I'm super excited to announce two extra products for this kit:

  • Washi Release
    We had a few extras arrive this week, including separate washi which may be purchased outside our subscription which matches this kit. It is a two-pack, containing a 15mm and a 5mm bundled together. We have two packs available which will be available to purchase next week. These will ship separate to our kit and subject to our standard shipping rates. Make sure to get those carts over $40 to take advantage of our free shipping.
    Pricing: $8 AUD ($5.50 USD*) 
  • Digital Kit
    There is so much physically in our kit but for the first time ever we have one more surprise about this kit we wanted to share today, but more to that in a second. With all the hype around the forest falls kit we wanted to try a little something new with a digital kit. This is a trial product which if goes well we will consider adding it to our monthly offering. Keep in mind that this is strictly for personal use and will be subject to our copyright and angel policies.
    Inclusions: 5-10 pieces of artwork, photo covers, sticker buttons and tags, labels, quotes, papers, month and day labels and a variety of watercolour splashes.
    Subscribers; along with getting this at an amazing price remember that if you add your access to Peony's Pocket you then also have the Beautiful You, quote cards and Luxe downloads this now becomes a beautifully rounded kit.
    Pricing: Subscribers $12 ($8.15 USD*) / non-subscribers $35 ($23.70 USD*)
    Estimated Release Date: 14 October 2019 


Planner Babe Traveler's Notebook

Our launch for the Planner Babe TN kit was amazing, thank you to those who joined in on the fun last week with me and who purchased this gorgeous TN kit. Almost all the orders that were placed in the beginning of last week have started their journey across the globe. There are still some left which is great so if you are thinking of grabbing one you can still head on over to our website. 

Christmas Kit Preview

Well, I finally got to finalise some designs and show off some goodies for our Christmas kits this year. We haven't had as much time to focus on Christmas as we would like but wanted to share some of the gorgeous items which will be released next week. Our theme for this year is Babe, it's Christmas and is based on the Planner Babe kit.

  • Sticker Kits
    In the video we showed off our first sneak of the Hobonichi Weeks kits and artwork. While I did mention that there is a Vertical EC/HP kit coming too I forgot to say that we are also releasing Cozy Christmas in the Hobonichi Weeks and Vertical ECHP kits.
  • Washi Tapes
    Just like the above mentioned separate washi, we are also doing a release for Babe, it's Christmas. With two different sets. One which is definitely Christmas based and the other which works for all types of gift-giving fun (the perfect roll for Christmas, birthdays, or any celebration.
    Pricing: $8 AUD ($5.50 USD*)
  • Paper Packs / Die Cuts
    I had a request for paper packs in the video and I think I'll have to bring these back again. More to come next week.
November Kit Announcement
As we are getting closer to the end of the year we wanted to do a kit which is super fun and super in right now. While we're not officially starting previews for this kit until after Forest Falls ships we are excited to announce our next kit, That's so 90s! Full of nostalgia for all you 80s and 90s kids.
Customer service
It should go without saying but just a quick note to please remember that we are people too and work crazy hours to make sure this business works. Yes, sometimes we run a little behind but we do our best to help our customers. 
Thank you all once again for joining us today.
See you all next week,
Sami and the Planners Anonymous Team
* All pricing conversions are approximate. For current pricing please check the product listings and refer to this FAQ on currency conversion.

2 Responses

Nancy Ott
Nancy Ott

October 14, 2019

What you are doing is sooo awesome! AND your customer service is great! I love your products, still learning as a newbie but having so much fun!

Jackie minter
Jackie minter

October 14, 2019

I love it so much that you do lives. The planner babe will be the first that I have gotten from you and I am so excited because I know I will love it. I think you do a wonderful job.

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Insert Sizes

While our subscription kit is size independent we like to offer a variety of digital inserts which can be downloaded as part of your subscription or are available as a subscriber-exclusive purchase.

Please note that the sizes offered vary from each kit.

Type Description Size (in) Size (mm) Layout
Travelers Notebook Pocket 3.5 x 5.5 in 89 x 140 mm 2 column
A6 5.8 x 4 in 105 x 147 mm 2 column
Personal 3.75 x 6.75 in 95 x 171 mm 2 column
B6 5 x 7 in 127 x 178 mm 3 column
Standard 4.3 x 7.27 in 110 x 210 mm 2 column
Ring Bound Personal 3.75 x 6.75 in 95 x 171 mm 2 column
Personal Wide 4.75 x 6.75 in 120.1 x 170 mm 2 column
B6 5 x 7 in 127 x 178 mm 2 Column
B6 Wide 5.3 x 7 in 135 x 178 mm 3 Column
A5 5.8 x 8.2 in 147 x 208 mm 3 column
Disc / Happy Planner Mini 4.65 x 7 in 118 x 178 mm 2 column
Classic 7 x 9.25 in 170 x 235 mm 4 column
Hobonichi / Fauxbo Weeks 3.75 x,7.4 in 95 x 188 mm 2 column