Weekly Update:
23 September 2019

Each week we join our followers on Instagram and do a live update and then post the notes on our blog. 

Thank you so much to everyone who joined in online and has come along to our blog to read our updates. It was a little noisier in the house this week with it being school holidays but we love having the kids home with us and we are glad you loved them in the background too.

Here are some of the updates for this week.

Forest Falls

We have had an amazing response to the Forest Falls kit

  • Now open for new subscriptions, click here to subscribe. 
    Remember to add the additional paper/sticker kits when you subscribe otherwise you won't be able to add them until your next kit. Subscribers, time is running out to add these to your subscription so do so today.
  • Second Look
    This morning we showed off a few more peeks of this amazing kit during our Monday Morning Instalive. We were hoping to have the full kit here by now but it seems Australian Customs is just as excited about this kit as we are and it's taking a few extra days to clear. Today we showed off the Standard and Additional Paper Kits, Standard and Additional Stickers, Die Cuts and Quote Cards.
    Head on over to our Instagram and watch our Instastory now 
  • Travelers Notebook Update 
    It looks as though there is going to be a delay on these. We have always been up front with you and given that this kit is already being released a little later in the season this is devastating BUT as you know we want to ensure we release a quality product every single time. We didn't want to cancel this TN as it truly is stunning and something we believe is a must-have for any collector regardless of location. We will be doing a re-release of some matching goodies next year to match the theme but won't re-release the kit or TN so make sure you snap them up while you can. Thank you so much for your support on this - we promise it will be worth the wait.

    Barista Brunch

    • Subscriber-exclusive downloads
      Our inserts, Beautiful You, phone screensaver and digital matching quote cards will all be back this month. We did have a few technical hiccups this week with getting these online for you but we are hopeful they will be available in the next few days. Checkout our Barista Brunch page for more details.

        Luxe Monthly Inserts
        Did you know that you get exclusive access to a Luxe version of our insert? These Luxe versions contain 36 pages of themed goodness each month for as little as $8 AUD / $5.50 USD (converted with today exchange rate with xe.com). These include the standard weekly view as well as: deluxe coloured cover, monthly view, goals and month in review, one line a day, finances, dot grid notes pages, centre art spread, and to do lists. We heard today that you're a little unsure with printing and cutting your own so on top of the instructions that are packaged with the download we are going to put together a youtube video. At the moment we only offer these as a printable but we want to hear from you... What would make you want to grab a copy of these amazing inserts?

        Weekly Sticker Kits

        As mentioned last week these are a permanent addition to the store with restocks happening regularly. We will also be adding more of our past kit themes to the store over time. We are currently working on our next batch which will launch (with Christmas goodies) in early/mid-October. 

        Top 3 Customer Service Questions

        Yup, we get a bunch of the same questions every week, and did you know that many of these are answered through our FAQ. We are also constantly adding your questions to the FAQ to make finding answers even easier. Here are a few which are asked quite often:

        Please refrain from posting customer service and/or shipping messages on our social media (FB / Instagram). It's impossible for us to track and most of the time we're not notified. 

        Planners Anonymous Weekly Live Updates

        We are contemplating moving these weekly updates over to YouTube updates each week. They will still be live where we can interact with you all but it will give better flexibility to show off our products as well as keep the lives available for longer than the 24 hours that Instagram permits. To keep everything as easy as possible we will still keep our countdown timers on Instagram and then post a link for you to easily swipe up on just before we go live. This will also help us to share a link on our Facebook group with accessing the live. It will also mean that we can place the videos in these blog posts for you to watch at any time. We are trying to work out the best possible way at the moment to keep you all informed (and excited about our releases) as our business grows. We are going to trial this hopefully next week with a full reveal of the Forest Falls kit. If this goes well we may even attempt live Plan-with-Me events in the not too distant future (although to be honest this scares us a little!)

        Thanks so much for reading through our update. Keep sharing your amazing creations with our kits and your kind words as they inspire us to keep creating the kits you love so much.

        Sami and the Planners Anonymous Team.

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          Insert Sizes

          While our subscription kit is size independent we like to offer a variety of digital inserts which can be downloaded as part of your subscription or are available as a subscriber-exclusive purchase.

          Please note that the sizes offered vary from each kit.

          Type Description Size (in) Size (mm) Layout
          Travelers Notebook Pocket 3.5 x 5.5 in 89 x 140 mm 2 column
          A6 5.8 x 4 in 105 x 147 mm 2 column
          Personal 3.75 x 6.75 in 95 x 171 mm 2 column
          B6 5 x 7 in 127 x 178 mm 3 column
          Standard 4.3 x 7.27 in 110 x 210 mm 2 column
          Ring Bound Personal 3.75 x 6.75 in 95 x 171 mm 2 column
          Personal Wide 4.75 x 6.75 in 120.1 x 170 mm 2 column
          B6 5 x 7 in 127 x 178 mm 2 Column
          B6 Wide 5.3 x 7 in 135 x 178 mm 3 Column
          A5 5.8 x 8.2 in 147 x 208 mm 3 column
          Disc / Happy Planner Mini 4.65 x 7 in 118 x 178 mm 2 column
          Classic 7 x 9.25 in 170 x 235 mm 4 column
          Hobonichi / Fauxbo Weeks 3.75 x,7.4 in 95 x 188 mm 2 column