5 April 2021

Michael came in to visit today and help me to run the Live, and boy did he bring the thunder and absolutely caught me off guard - the live today was a welcome to our marriage at it's finest. We did have a few tech issues during the live and we lost sound at the very end but it's well worth a watch with a lot of very unofficial sneaks.

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  • 31:30
  • Kit Preview
    Today we previewed the full kit except for the bonus item. The kit is so fun and great for so many occasions. Once the mystery item arrives we will share it so stay tuned...
  • Subscriber Exclusives
    We are working on the subscriber printables and they will be ready for you in the next few weeks. We are working on making this process faster so you can play with your kits sooner
  • Shipping 15 - 18th April
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New Weekly Kits

  • 50:44
  • We are releasing 6 new weekly kits including Fun Fair, Serenity, Celebrate, Sail and Sea, High Tea and Baked with Love. These join a bunch of other past kits already in the store but if there's one you love that's not there don't worry because we will be launching more soon.
  • New release - Buy 1 get 5 free saleTo celebrate the launch we are doing a sale on the weekly sticker kits which will be buy 5 get one free. More details released tomorrow.

... and yes, this is the shenanigans that you see during our lives. We are unscripted, and just us being ourselves, sometimes it gets crazy, sometimes there are tears, but mostly they are a lot of fun.

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Stylist Announcement

  • 1:05:45
  • We had sooo many amazing application it was so hard to choose. Thank you to everyone who submitted. If you are thinking you want to try again next year, now is the time to set yourself ready, get your Instagram and YouTube going and get into our group keep sharing.
  • We have a new team of stylists, and we are so excited to share the amazing team with you all! You will noticed some familiar faces along with a bunch of new ones. This is the first time we've had a team this big but we are all excited to get you creating. Make sure to share some love on their social media and in our Facebook Group.
Meet our 2021 Stylist Team

What's a Melody?

  • 9:30
  • We had a great question this week, "What's a Melody? So Michael jumped in to show our Under the Stars Melody off and let you all know just how great they are. I'm so proud of him and how much he has learnt about planners since starting our journey almost 4 years ago.
  • We talked in detail about our Melody and the inspiration for it. We take pride in the fact that we source the best materials and workmanship possible and it was wonderful to see so many positive comments about this product and how much you all love them too.
  • Michael stole the thunder and let a few sneaks out about upcoming Melody planners - but you'll have to watch to find out more.
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Question and Answers

Is there an update on UK shipping?

UK shipping is still on hold. Being a small business we sit in an odd spot. We're not big enough to have expertise who can handle it for us and using a platform like Amazon or Etsy isn't available either - so the HMRC wants us to use a UK accountant. This is obviously a difficult and expensive exercise but we will keep you posted with updates as we get them.

We still recommend finding a friend who can send your goodies or using a freight forwarder.

Will stamps sets be available to order separately?

Most of the items in our kit are only sold in the kits, and this is due to the amount of stock we need to order and the minimal storage space we have here. Side note, we are working on a bunch of grab bags here based on bits and pieces from past kits. We don't have a date on this yet because there is a lot of work to make it happen.

Milk Bar Melody?

We are getting a LOT of requests for a Milk Bar Melody - which is exciting because it's definitely one of our favourites too and there's so much we can do with it. Although it's not currently scheduled watch this space.

Can you do a buy all or bundle with new releases?

This is one thing we have been looking at with the new website design. Unfortunately we are unable to do it on our current system without having conflicts with access, discounts, and making sure stock is allocated and doesn't oversell.

I'ld love it if they (B6 Melody) were a touch taller just to make sure the A5 fits.

We went into a little bit of detail about how an A5 falls just short of our B6 Melody planner. We can make the Melody bigger to fit the A5 pages, but it won't fit covers of the A5 ring mechanism which is huge - this is why the Classic is A5 compatible. We are concerned that if we made the B6 taller to accomodate A5 pages it would cause confusion as people would have to purchase A5 inserts but punch them for a personal planner. 
We do want to produce more but our supplier has high minimums, so we need your help to grow so we can make more for you. So tell your family, friends and share us on social media what you love about PA.

How does the Sticker Sub work

I show off the Kit Stickers and the Additional Kit stickers and how this works for the Sticker Subscription but basically you can find it all on our Subscription Page in a little table which makes it nice and easy to compare out two subscriptions. 

If I pause my subscription can I get the discounts and downloads

We went into a bit of detail about this too, basically the answer is no. Once you pause your subscription you're also pausing (or cancelling) the benefits of that subscription. For example, you can't pause your gym membership but only use their pool. 

For further detailed information about our kits please visit our FAQ