31 October 2022

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Happy Halloween to those who celebrate and enjoy the holiday. We had a little fun dressing up today too. Lachlan has his first school camp this week that we have been madly preparing for. It's his first time away from us for the night so anxiety is running high here at PAHQ. Also, sorry for another week of tech issues. We’ve been experimenting with our setup so we can bring more interactive lives (like plan/create with me’s, and Planner Parties)

We've also got shipping and warehouse updates ahead, and previews on a bunch of new products on the way.
Click on the video below to watch or read through our latest updates.


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Girls Trip Preview

  • 47:30
  • Kit Preview (47:30)
    Girls Trip is our latest sub kit themes and it’s about getting away “with the girls”, getting a hotel room and having a bit of fun. It’s full of fun and memories and celebrating time with our BFFs, whether that be a night on the town or chilling in the hotel room. It has such a beautiful colour combo with purples, teals, blues, and of course, pinks! Anddddddd our Celebration Print which is all over the Melody Planner Sneaks. Yes it does match the Go Wild DC kit but there is nothing in the kit which is Go Wild. There’s a few small redesigned bits and pieces (like the date headers), and the acetate is printed this month.
  • Next Kit Switcheroo (15:00)
    We had a last minute change to our kit. It was meant to be “into the wild” but as that kit didn’t come together as expected (yet) and because of how loved the Wild and Free kit was, we decided to swap it for our next kit Girls Trip. As it normally takes around 3 weeks to design a kit (and it’s almost ready after one week) so our next kit is slightly delayed and we are getting to the previews as soon as possible. 
  • Currently estimated to ship Late November
  • Please see our status updates here for shipping information
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We bought the thunder

  • 25:40 Weekly Digital Kits
  • The digital weekly kits are scheduled to release late 2022/early 2023, but the Serenity version will be sent to our Serenity preorder participants as a thank you for your patience. We will open up a facebook post once they've been released as we would love to hear your feedback.
  • 01:02:00 Girls Trip/Go Wild DC official merch Sneaks
    Check out the little sneaks of the melody, we also talked about a possible llama plushy and pins. We also had a chat about two sizes of the Melody! We’re going to have a chat about if we can make that happen.
  • Check out our Go Wild DC mini-site 
Founder image
Founder image

Shop til you Drop Kit Update

  • 21:00
  • Has been delayed. We were expecting to receive it and send it out last friday but unfortunately that didn’t happen. So we are expecting it early this week and then shipped straight away. 
  • On the plus side, USA and Aus we are switching to Hong Kong Post dispatch which means better faster tracking updates. There will be a different link but you can use USPS or AusPost depending on where you are for notifications. We are expecting this to be seamless.

Serenity/Sept Special Release

  • 22:00
  • We are using multiple suppliers for this because we wanted to release some new products, including the special release sticker books. Now due to additional quality assurance we needed to do this release is delayed. We would rather delay a product to ensure it’s correct than send our sending that you won’t be delighted with.
  • As a thank you for your patience with the Serenity Pre-order we will be sending out one of our upcoming Serenity digital weekly sticker kits to anyone who preordered from the release. This will be emailed out around the second week of November. We are expecting the shipment to go out on the third week of November and arrive before Christmas, but we will keep you all informed.
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Founder image

Website Changes

  • 32:35
  • It’s no secret that we are totally frustrated with our website. But the good news is that we are finally getting the upgrade we so desperately need! There is going to be a huge overhaul including: 
  • Information updates as a lot is currently very outdated
  • The date you sign up is your new recharge date. This also means you can change your billing date to something that works for you. This should also fix the second kit renewals issue should be fixed
  • - We are talking with the app developer about our (relatively unique) issue with showing what kit has been ordered/sold/etc. So we have our fingers crossed.
  •  The new site and billing will be in your local currency (we are currently testing this)
  • - Non-Subscription one off add-ins (expected Q1 2023)
  • Stage 2 includes a new rewards system (with all current points migrating rewards across) and reviews.
  • The subscription module changes will happen after the next billing cycle (in the next few days) and the subscription module will (seamlessly) change around the third week of November. 

Product Updates

  • 43:10 Sub Box Refresh
  • We are also looking at doing a refresh of some of the products in our subscription box. There will be an email out once we have more details. 
  • 46:00 Digital Products
  • We have so much which is basically 80% ready to go, this includes a bunch of inserts, the new digital paper packs, and a few digital kits too. We have been working on these when time allows and will have more updates soon.
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Question and Answers

  • 1:19:05
  • It was a bit of a long live today but we wanted to make sure that we answered as many questions as possible surrounding our Warehouse move and shipping updates. Also, check out Sami's Koala encounter at 1:25:11

If I subscribe now which kit will I receive?

If you subscribe now, you will be subscribing to Girls Trip. 

When will the Serenity/Sept special release ship?

As we are using multiple suppliers for this because we wanted to release some new products, including the special release sticker books. Now due to additional quality assurance we needed to do this release is delayed. We would rather delay a product to ensure it’s correct than send our sending that you won’t be delighted with.

Fall Notepad Printable 

Due to the missing cardboard piece on the back of the notepads being missing we are sending out a digital pdf of the notepad sheets to those who ordered them. These will be sent out later this week.

What's the estimated date for the Go Wild DC Preorder Release

We are working on it this week and would like to say next week with some amazing new products! We are hoping in the next two weeks.