29 November 2021

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This weekend was totally thrown into even more chaos with Michael taking an unexpected trip to hospital. Black Friday sale has been extended as well as a new digital sale.We've also got shipping and warehouse updates ahead, and previews on a bunch of new products on the way.
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  • 31:30
  • Kit Preview
    We shared digital previews of almost the whole Australiana kit today and boy were there a lot of very excited people in our chat. There is a lot of personality in this kit as well as some beautiful floral and fauna.
  • Subscriber Exclusives
    Due to the sticker book issues we encountered with Masquerade (don't worry the ones you receive are perfect), there is a delay in our digital offerings. But don't worry they are still on the way
  • Currently estimated to ship 18th December.
  • Please see our status updates here for shipping information
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  • 8:49
  • Digitals are now on Sale on the PA website and the Christmas at Home digitals are expected to be in the store as soon as today. Visit the website for a preview! Also, new permissions have been set within the website and digitals are now available for purchase to all regardless of your subscription status.  
  • Planners Anon Sale goes on though end of the day Friday! 30% off all stickers in stock, 30% off the Fierce range, Buy 3 get 1 free on past kits, and 30% off digitals! Visit and tell your friends!
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Flashback February

  • 11:40
  • Flashback February! PA will bring back an older PA kit during the month of February 2022, the kit flashback will go though a revamping, receiving the new kit style (including our new sticker book) and will be re-released as a new and improved PA kit! Attendees of the Live will be asked to vote for their favourite among three fan favourites.

New Product Alert!

  • 12:13
  • Michael brings the thunder! Product previews for the new Northern Lights, Wild and Free, and Sakura… magnetic bookmarks, card wallets, and bound B6 dot grid notebooks! These new accessories should be in the store and ready to ship mid to late December, along with the new Northern Lights Classic sized Melody.
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Question and Answers

  • 1:19:05
  • It was a bit of a long live today but we wanted to make sure that we answered as many questions as possible surrounding our Warehouse move and shipping updates. Also, check out Sami's Koala encounter at 1:25:11

If I subscribe now which kit will I receive?

If you subscribe now, you will be subscribing to Australiana. Should you wish to subscribe to Planner Love and missed the deadline, please message Michael via the PA website. 

Will the Northern Lights release include washi?

Yes, the Northern Lights Melody release will include a washi option.

What month is <kit> for? 

Kits are not designed around a month, however; they are referred to around the month that they are shipped. For example: Showtime shipped in September. Masquerade was expected to ship in October (delayed but has shipped). Planner Love was expected to ship in November (delayed).Australiana on track to ship in December. 

- Showtime shipped in September
- Masquerade was expected to ship in October (delayed but has shipped)
- Planner Love was expected to ship in November (delayed).
- Australiana on track to ship in December. 

What's happening with Heart discounts?

The component on the website that allows customers to use their hearts for discounts is currently down due to a technical issue. Michael is in conversation with the tech support that manages it and should have an update soon. For now, heart discounts are not available to use.

Digital downloads?

Due to the sticker book issues we encountered with Masquerade (don't worry the ones you receive are perfect), there is a delay in our digital offerings. But don't worry they are still on the way

How does the Sticker Sub work

I show off the Kit Stickers and the Additional Kit stickers and how this works for the Sticker Subscription but basically you can find it all on our Subscription Page in a little table which makes it nice and easy to compare out two subscriptions. 

If I pause my subscription can I get the discounts and downloads

We went into a bit of detail about this too, basically the answer is no. Once you pause your subscription you're also pausing (or cancelling) the benefits of that subscription. For example, you can't pause your gym membership but only use their pool. 

For the latest on any delays or outages check out our Status Page

For further detailed information about PA or our products please visit our FAQ